The template for the Toogoolawa model was initially the philosophy and methods of the fifty or so schools in some thirty countries which were then using the ‘ Education in Human Values’ programme.

The Education in Human Values (EHV) programme for schools, with its emphasis on the five core values of Love, Truth, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence, is based on the multi-faith educational philosophy known as ‘Educare’.

The early EHV schools soon found that, by assigning a higher priority to the development of good character than to academic attainment, scholastic performance – by even the most ‘backward’ students – raced ahead of what was being achieved in the vast majority of schools, where concepts like virtue and values were being neglected

The aim of Educare is to inspire children to achieve their very best; to educate children in character and leadership by drawing out their hidden character traits and leadership qualities; to help them realise that their character is their real strength and that all other acquisitions like wealth and education are of no real value without character;  to develop good leadership qualities among youth and make them understand that the labor of leadership is a character issue; and to encourage everyone to think about the well-being of our planet.

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