In 1990 John Fitzgerald enlisted the assistance of clinical psychologists Dr Ron and Su Farmer to establish a registered charity, Toogoolawa Children’s Home Ltd, providing residential care to young teenagers ‘at risk’ before they slipped further into a ‘street kids’ living mode.

Recognising the need for specialised schooling for such children the first Toogoolawa School was established in February 1998 in Ormeau, QLD. By June 2000 it was clear that the Education in Human Values program in the school was producing outstanding results, and John Fitzgerald shared his vision with Su and Ron Farmer for Toogoolawa Schools to be established firstly in New South Wales and Victoria, and later in South Australia and other states.

You can read of the history and great success of The Toogoolawa Schools by visiting the Toogoolawa website at or by reading the book ‘Love Changes Everything (Toogoolawa Schools: Stories from the real Education Revolution).

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